Dobre Kadry. Centrum badawczo – szkoleniowe. Sp. z o.o., Poland – Project Coordinator (DK Lider)

Zespół Szkół Technicznych in Kłodzko - PL (ZST Partner 1)

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Asociacion Mundus – un Mundo a Tus Pies – ES (Mundus Partner 2)


I”Horizont ProConsult” EOOD – BG (ProConsult Partner 4) 

Go4VocationallSkills – Horizont ProConsult

Role and tasks of partners in the project:

    1. The leader plays a special role in the project, whose tasks include project management and responsibility for all substantive and management issues, including financial issues. He is also the leader of the first and third results of the project due to his extensive experience in this area (conducting research, creating competence profiles, building IT tools).
    2. Partner 1 (ZST – Poland) is responsible for monitoring and evaluation, including preparation of tools, ongoing analyzes and summaries. Due to his experience in working with target groups, his task is to obtain teachers' opinions on the results, as well as students' opinions regarding the IT tool.
    3. Partner 2 (Mundus – Spain) takes the lead role in outcome 2.
    4. Partner 3 (AKMI – Greece) is responsible for the area of dissemination and promotion.
    5. Partner 4 (ProConsult – Bulgaria) plays the leading role in the result 4.

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