The fourth meeting of Partnership

September 12th – 13th, 2023, Athens, Greece

The partners discussed the activities undertaken so far and planned the next stages of work in the project. One of the highlights of the meeting was participation in a lecture by Mrs. Piga Mantzuratou on the importance of updating skills in vocational education and training. During the meeting, issues related to the commencement of the next phase of the project were discussed - the period of testing the IT platform developed as part of the project, which will allow teachers and students to better understand the level of both professional competences and "soft" skills. Issues related to management and evaluation within the project were discussed. The date of the next meeting has been set - June 2024, Zaragoza.

The third meeting of Partnership

April 25th – 26th, 2023, Sofia, Bulgaria

The main topic of the meeting was a summary of previous work related to the preparation of a tool for the comprehensive assessment of students' competences in the field of skills in construction, logistics and renewable energy. The partners presented the results of the work from the testing stage and discussed issues related to the preparation of questions for the application. Experts invited by the host institution also participated in the meeting. During the meeting, a work schedule was planned for the next months of the project implementation, and issues related to management and evaluation within the project were discussed.

The second meeting of Partnership

September 19th – 20th, 2022, Zaragoza, Spain

The Spanish partner has prepared an interesting program of the meeting. There were study visits to entities accepting students for internships as part of Erasmus+ mobility projects. The results of primary research as part of the first result and preliminary versions of desk research reports regarding competence needs in selected fields of education were also discussed.

Kick off meeting

January 24th– 25th, 2022, Wroclaw, Poland

During the first meeting, each Partner presented their organization, and the methodology of activities in the area of comprehensive competence assessment was presented. Issues related to project management and substantive issues related to the implementation of primary research planned in the project were discussed. The meeting program also included a visit to the White Stork Synagogue and a shared dinner.

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